Centenarian Diet


Centenarian Diet

How would you like to live past 100 and still be healthy and active?

Sure. Occasionally you find the 100 year old that drank alcohol, smoked and lived on steak their whole life.

But for most centenarians, you will find that they have a diet that is plant based. Over ninety percent of their diet is organic, unprocessed plants. Mostly vegetables, often grown in their own garden.

Healthy, active centenarians average about 2-3 ounces of meat per day throughout their life versus the 4 to 5 times that which the average American consumes (270.7 pounds per year). And you can bet that the healthy centenarian’s meat is much more likely fresh, wild and/or organic.

Before you say, I can’t do that. I would be giving up too much. What are you giving up now? A truly healthy life? Active, healthy longevity?

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